It is with great pleasure that I summarize and present to you the progress and achievements of the school in brief. The school has once again excellent not only in Academics but also in co-curricular and extra – curricular activities.

Academics – The result of the school for the year 2012-13 was excellent. At secondary level we gave 100% result with good quality and at Senior Secondary School the result was 97% with a lot many students score more than 90% and we are still working to polish it to the next year.

Co – curricular Activities – The real aim of education can be fully realized by introducing co-curricular activities at every stage of education. Through CCA we provide scope for democratic living, to develop social skills in students, a sense of co-operation, team spirit & self-discipline.

Every year, Sahodaya Schools Complex conducts the literary fest & sports activities. In one of the event of the Sahodaya Schools Complex, our school got an opportunity to host the event. The event was ‘Inter School Hasya Kavita Pratiyogita Many school took part in it. It was a great success and was appreciated by everybody.

In Inter -School Skating competition, our school stood third. Our school also took part in various dance competition and conducted many events in our school for overall development.

The school takes great pride to provide its students with ample opportunities to get an experience of the outside world by organizing educational tour and excursions throughout the year.

Our school time to time organizes functions on various days like Republic day, Independence day, etc. We celebrate many other festivals like the religious & social festivals.

Concluding, I would like to thank to all our students, parents and the patrons of our school without whose help it would not be possible to maintain discipline in our school. Our school enables a child to lead an active and efficient life after completing education.

“The quality of the relationships that students have in the class with their peers and teachers is important to their success in school”