Since 1993 Foothills Academy respect the tradition with a progressive attitude towards the future. All great ideas begin with a commitment to the future. I behold with immense satisfaction the progress Foothills Academy has made. It has remained faithful to my vision of a great school. We explore the flexible class schedules. Education’s goal is to produce an individual who can be critical and sensitive, think & react to the things around in a critical & scientific manner. Every morning the world bound in one uniformity i.e. children going to schools. Even in the hilly areas we can see the little ones carrying bags, climbing buses from here and there and the vehicles run carrying the future of our society. The sacred lamp of education has reached almost everywhere and every house.

It is also a matter of great joy for me to see that at the same time school is keeping pace with the rest of the world, changing with the ever evolving developments. I am sure that the principal will work tirelessly and full of humility and selflessly in nurturing leaders for 21st century. I wish and pray that Foothills Academy will continue to soar higher in keeping with its motto and preparing students to lead their country with distinction.